We are getting older

As our health care system improves, we are living to an older age. But a good lifestyle, exercise, and a healthy diet also play a role. While our bodies are slowly aging, our minds are beginning to decline. This is why some older generations are still physically active. This is why more and more Alzheimer\’s patients are beginning to come forward; they are not only getting older, they are getting older.
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Unfortunately, the disease is still incurable, but doctors can at least slow its progression in some way.
Taking care of elderly parents, both in health and in sickness, is something some people take for granted, but in many cases, they are not sure if they will be able to do so. If you are one of those people who think that one day you will put your parents in a nursing home and have them taken care of there, you are making a big mistake. These days, nursing homes fill up so quickly that it\’s hard to find an opening. Ask your parents or grandparents if they would like to be in a nursing home and they will tell you that they would prefer to stay at home for the rest of their lives. And understandably so.

A closer look at longevity reveals that women are more likely to live to old age than men. There are several reasons for this. Women are healthier than men, see doctors more often, have better lifestyles, and are more resistant to certain diseases.
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If we want to live to an advanced age someday, we should have no problem following a few guidelines. Unfortunately, genetics cannot control this, but a healthy diet and exercise can help. It is also important to eliminate bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and unnecessary stress. Getting enough fiber in your diet is also important
And keep a rational diet.

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