Libra Woman

Libra is assigned to women born between September 24 and October 23. Libra is ruled by Venus. A symbol of equality and harmony, Libra is decisive for these women. This constellation is the only one not represented by an animal. The main virtue of Libra-born women is empathy. This is an absolutely essential quality for all those who create harmony and happiness in the life around them. She empathizes with the problems of others and helps them find solutions to their problems by analyzing their complex life situations. They are also extremely friendly and often have like-minded people around them.

Žena ve znamení Vah

Their outward appearance tends to be fun, and their charisma and human charm attract many men. They are also more likely to be attractive to men because they are not only sociable, but creative as well. Intelligent women ensure harmonious union and equality of partners in a couple. Because of their strong sense of justice, they do not get involved in quarrels and disputes. They are able to sympathize fairly with both sides of an argument, so they always choose a happy medium. His diplomatic approach resolves all tensions every time. Thanks to his optimistic nature, he brings the necessary calmness to his children\’s education. It leads to sincerity and kindness. Their great strength is their ability to see the good in everything that happens in life. And these are the qualities that make them ideal partners for life. The certainty that they can make their partners as happy with a freshly picked violet as with a purchased diamond ring is a blessing for all men. Libra is an airy constellation that loves intellectual pleasures. They have insight into life and get along best with men of similar intellect.

Nevěsta ve znamení Vah

Libra-born women are polite and tactful in all situations, but they must also be prepared that not everyone will agree with their opinions. Therefore, with a smile on her face, she calmly tells the other person how stupid, improbable, and unintelligent he or she is. And you don\’t offend them at all. Because they respect the rule that where there is good will, there is a way.