Home brand exercise equipment: cheap!

1) Jump rope

The jump rope is an excellent exercise tool that you can get at any sports store for a few kronas. Just jumping for a while (even 10 minutes) every day is enough, and the results are immediate. While you are swinging, your calves, thighs, feet, ankles, mid-back, and shoulders get a good workout. Moreover, it is less stressful on the joints than, for example, running. Therefore, jumping rope is by far the best choice for people who are just starting out in sports.

Tip: Jumping rope is recommended for all ages.

2) Back roller

This versatile tool, which you can get for around 300kč, not only works out but also helps to stretch and relax your muscles. It can relieve tension in the back muscles, which is especially appreciated after a hard day at work.


3) Dumbbells

Dumbbells for women are also available for around 300kč. If you want to reduce fat and build muscle, dumbbells up to 6 kg are sufficient. And if you don\’t have dumbbells at home or don\’t want to invest in them, a regular plastic bottle filled with water will suffice. The advantage of these rubbers is that you can exercise all muscle areas from the hips to the arms and back. It takes some practice and patience to learn how to use them, but it is not impossible.


5) Kettlebells

Light kettlebells for women can be found for about 400 kč, and 6-8 kg is ideal at first. With regular exercise, you can strengthen your arms, legs, buttocks, glutes, and other muscles. It depends on what kind of exercises you want to do. But before you begin, study the proper grip and technique for the exercise. There are many video tutorials available on the Internet. If you don\’t get it right the first time, don\’t despair.

If you are serious about exercise, don\’t forget to eat and drink. In particular, concentrate on getting enough protein and drinking enough water, tea, and iced beverages.