Me too!

may have also seen articles and reports in the media about campaigns
against sexual harassment and abuse of men as well as women. Even if it is on a small scale, let\’s be honest: men can also be victimized by women and other men. Many of the articles and descriptions
of situations where harassment allegedly occurred gave me pause. Most of these reports are from the U.S., and I think the U.S. is more cautious than Europe. At least for the time being. Recently, however, I was surprised to see a TV interview with a Czech psychologist and feminist, who said, “I think that the problem is that the Czech Republic has a very different approach to the issue of women\’s rights than the United States. It raised a very fundamental question.
příjemné posezení

What is sexual harassment?I think there are situations where that is clear. If someone tries to kiss me, or fondle me, or have sex with me, despite my resistance, there is no need to discuss it. That is reprehensible behavior and such behavior must be reported and duly punished. Also, not all women are confident in themselves and strong enough to fight off an attacker by slapping or kicking him in the groin. They may not be able to defend themselves. Especially if theassailantis a neighbor, acquaintance, relative, co-worker, or boss. However, in order to prevent this from happening again and to prevent other women and men from being inconvenienced, you need to report all of this, at the latest. Waiting years to report it is not the right tactic. If this happens, it is already difficult to prove the act.
žena na zádech muže
But there are also acts of what psychologists describe as sexual harassment , where a woman is harassed by a man who is not her husband, and who is not her husband, and who is not her husband. And that is where we women disagree. If someone whistles at me on the street (usually a construction worker), I am inwardly pleased. I will not whistle at ugly or haggard people anymore. The same is true if someone yells at me, not that it is vulgar. That kind of language doesn\’t necessarily mean anything more than someone judging your appearance and liking you. He is not going to rape you right there and then. I wouldn\’t even look for sexual harassment based on my appearance. Besides, if a man puts his hand on my thigh and I don\’t want it, I would just slap it away, or put it back on my thigh, or verbally brush it off. Surely there is no need to make it a tragedyand immediately slander it in public.