Sometimes a little push is needed

The worst thing for any creative is that nobody knows what they are creating. Take, for example, a painter. A successful painter is a painter as he is mainly known. Somehow, he has etched his name in people\’s consciousness. But if no one knows about the painter, much less about his paintings, it is very difficult to sell his work. And it is quite difficult to do anything else when your work is struggling to break even.
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The same can be said for websites. You can create a beautiful graphic interface, use images, decorate it nicely, or put ads in it to keep it out of sight. You can fill it with interesting content. But until your site emerges from the darkness of obscurity and anonymity, no one will enjoy its content. Nor will anyone read articles that could easily be more interesting. Just look at other websites where advertising on the Internet is literally mass. They are successful only because people find them.
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SEO optimization

will help with all of this, outlining the sheer criteria that every Internet diary or blog needs to be seen now. it is hard to exist on the Internet if you are not using SEO optimization. Of course, we all want more popularity. But without quality promotion, advertising, search optimization, and content editing, it won\’t happen. And even though we try to do the best we can, we will always be ranked higher by websites that aren\’t afraid to pay extra for the right quality. On the contrary, the more you try to break through “on your own,” the more you will fall behind. Just do a simple word search on a search engine and look down at the number of pages of links the search engine ranks. Unless you paid to have quality SEO services performed, you will find your site somewhere on the last page, right next to an Indian or Chinese site. This is not science fiction, it is a harsh reality.