Virtual Servers. Is a virtual server your solution?

What is a virtual server? [A virtual server is not a physical server. Of course, your data is in a specific physical server room, but all of its operations are performed by someone else.
kabely od serveru
All guarantees regarding the operation are subject to the contract between you and the provider.
This includes things like availability so you don\’t have to worry about site functionality during times of congestion. Another benefit is data backup
. This is usually included in the base price of the service, but if not, it can be purchased.
Basically, one could say that virtual servers are a solution for those who need to store larger amounts of data but do not find it worthwhile to purchase and maintain a traditional server. Compared to these costs, it can really save a lot of money.
spravovan├ę slu┼żby
What do we have to offer?
Simply put, all the content that the virtual server is supposed to hold. You are effectively buying space on a server that someone else manages, but what you put there is up to you. For example,
– system solutions
– databases
– storage
– technology
Thus, even if you decide to use a virtual server, you still need someone– a developer or programmer for example – to manage the data in some way It is obvious. Of course, it is possible to purchase a virtual server with such special services, but such a solution is not worthwhile.
koule nad rukou
So much for technology suppliers. If we are talking about economic advantages, it usually works better to “combine” from several providers than to outsource such services to only one.
The problem is that each provider can do everything, but the prices often vary widely. For example, a provider that offers a great price on a database solution may not necessarily be better than its competitors in other technologies as well. Therefore, it is always advisable to know and have an overview of which services “cost” financially and how.