Saving money for employees is not a good idea

When you decide to do business, you cut everywhere. However, there are areas where you don\’t want to save and areas where you can\’t. In the former, it is what is calledguilty pleasure, a state of preferring what seems unnecessary. However, sometimes it is the little things that make the difference. [Giving employees something special not only makes them feel appreciated, but also improves their productivity. When it comes to employees, we divide our motivation.
Direct motivation
Indirect motivation
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Direct motivation is when employees are consciously motivated to perform a given activity. They are mainly monetary rewards, various benefits, and bonuses. These are classified in the tangible section. Then there are intangible direct rewards. This section includes praise, promotions, etc.
Turning to indirect rewards, these are incentives that indirectly influence an employee\’s activity or performance. They may be given intentionally or unconsciously.Unconscious actions refer to the company\’s reputation, brand, product, atmosphere, recommendations, etc. But if we focus on the conscious part, we as a company are in charge and can influence.
We are talking here about the so-calledguilty pleasure, where it is up to each employer whether or not to coddle its employees.
It is no secret that employees do not need special private daycare centers, but if they do provide them, the company\’s social reputation will be enhanced. As a result, it would increase the loyalty of workers who have children.
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The next step is to create relaxation zones within the company. Stop the space that would normally be used to create more offices with seating. Everyone knows that relaxed employees are more productive. This is because they feel that the company cares about them and that they are valued.
All it takes is a little decoration. A picture, a houseplant, or anything else can contribute to mental well-being. The result can be a surge in performance that outweighs the cost of the chosen décor many times over.
Some areas of a company can save money, and some can\’t. But if you cut corners with your employees, you cannot expect loyalty or revolutionary performance.