Leave it to others

The trend these days is DIY. And an even bigger trendis to get people to do things you want to do yourself. Take, for example, popular events at various attractions and various manufacturing plants, which have been very successful. And they are willing to pay a lot of money for it. Of course, it has to be a sufficiently engaging and interesting activity. For example, many glass workshops will, for a small fee and an appointment, make glassware exactly as you imagine it. This would be especially appreciated by parents with children who need to be kept busy in a short time to keep them from making a mess.
školení žen.jpg

But it\’s not just for kids.

Whether they are 15 or 50, age does not matter. The main thing is that it is a rather fun and unusual activity to get away from computers and cell phones. For example, the aforementioned glassware making is very appealing. Not only is it a unique challenge, not something you might do anywhere else, but you get your own product as a memento of your accomplishment. And even if it is a piece that no one would buy, by having some kind of connection or relationship, people are willing to pick it up and pay for the glassblowing master and materials. Isn\’t that not a bad thing?
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The goal is to give something

What most people are looking for is an experience. Something they can talk about at night. And if you have something to offer, you don\’t have to worry at all about them not being interested. You don\’t have to buy glassware to make money, so you might want to consider something original or, conversely, go back to tradition. Note, however, that it has to be a nice tradition. If you put in something too labor intensive and long, you won\’t have much success. Even if it is great, no one is going to work for you for four hours, much less pay you afterwards.