Stand tall and smile

Shake hands

One of the most powerful tools of a good salesperson is the handshake. If your handshake makes them feel like they are holding a sticky fish, they will naturally feel that your business plan is just as lame, and they will lose interest in your business. That doesn\’t mean they should walk away from a meeting with you with a broken finger, it just shows that you are a Neanderthal who can\’t control himself. A proper grip is firm, but not crushing. But there are other things that matter.
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U.S. President Donald Trump, and not just him, prefers to put the grip of both hands on the palm of the other when meeting. Experts, however, do not welcome this very much. For most business partners, such a gesture is too personal, and few are comfortable with it. Shaking hands with the other hand in the pocket, as Bill Gates did at a meeting in China, is a complete FAUX PAS.

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It is perhaps indisputable that crossing one\’s arms or legs can be interpreted as pressing oneself. However, it is also a common mistake to cross one\’s shoulders and close the space between the jaw and the collarbone when one is tense. When we do this, our energy is directed inward instead of outward. Inhale, lift your chin, turn your shoulders backward, and focus on turning your chin slightly upward.
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Take a cue from music stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber. When they walk or run on stage, you feel as if they own the space. This is what they achieve with their open attitude and confident walk. A final word of advice: many people think that putting their hands behind their back makes them look trustworthy. It\’s just the opposite. Instead, keep your arms down along your body and gently swing them out toward the audience or the person you are speaking to.

Smile, facial expression

It doesn\’t have to be a typical American half-face smile, but a friendly, relaxed expression is ideal in any setting.