Are you always late for work? Learn how to use your time more efficiently

Don\’t fall victim to the onslaught of work responsibilities trying to get it done in the shortest amount of time…spend all day responding to important emails, having work meetings, catching up on work training, and resting, Make it look like you slept for at least 8 hours or …… Even if you\’ve worked all night and had your third cup of coffee, you can\’t function at all. By now, you must be in the mood to hide in a dark warehouse and survive until the end of the workday.

Pracovní zátěž

Have you ever asked yourself why? Why is it that my colleagues are talking about having a good weekend, but I have nothing to brag about? Because you stayed home all weekend and the only thing you looked forward to was the many loaves of resto bread you bought during the week. Let\’s not panic! Here are a few tips to help you organize your working hours so you can go home feeling accomplished.

Organize your desk

Organizing your desk may not improve your work ethic. Simply remove unnecessary items from your desk and keep only those items that you use on a daily basis.

Separate emails into important and not-so-important

How much time do you spend each day responding to all kinds of emails and company correspondence? Before you start mindlessly responding to one email after another, take a look at the most burning emails first. After all, it is not important to respond immediately to every incoming email. Handle only the most important ones and wait for other e-mails when you are not so busy.

Plánování pracovních povinností

Multitasking is not for everyone. If you try to do it by constantly jumping from one thing to the next, you will most likely miss the mark in your efforts.