Mistakes Managers Make That Reliably De-motivate Employees

It is important to keep in mind that many employees do not like coming to work, and many of them hate their jobs. Moreover, even among other employees, they do not talk enthusiastically about their jobs. According to various surveys, only about 15% of all employees find their jobs rewarding. There are certainly many factors contributing to this problem. The most common mistake managers make is to focus too much on their own careers and not pay enough attention to their employees and their motivation.The first mistake is for managers to over-supervise their employees, managing them literally every step of the way. This applies to administrative positions as well, where employees are checked five times a day and subjected to irrelevant criticism. Thesepathological management effortscan have a very negative impact on employee performance.
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What can be done? You can be a good manager without making your people nervous. Set boundaries for what you manage and make your employees aware of them. Perhaps the effort to morbidly monitor employees has something to do with insecurity.
A second mistake is to overwhelm employees with meaningless work. Employees need to feel they are doing meaningful work. But what constitutes meaningful work depends on each individual\’s perspective. Of course, there are some jobs for which there is no need to question meaningful work at all. It has to do with the impact it has on other people and on society as a whole. Professions such as doctors and firefighters do not question the meaningfulness of their work.
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Often it is also about the impact a particular job has on those around it.
What about others? It is impractical to convince everyone; it is impossible to even suggest it to them. It is a mistake not to involve others in one\’s plans, and it is also a mistake not to appreciate their strengths. If managers do not know all of their employees\’ job descriptions and push them to do more and more work, their motivation to work will definitely suffer. If managers focus on expenses and do not appreciate
the quality of the work, this also will not lead to good motivation.