Possibility of escaping criminal responsibility because of one’s social position

In today\’s society, where social problems abound, few of us ordinary people are lucky enough to find the path in life that we would like to follow as long as circumstances permit. However, if such a thing should happen to you, always remember that you represent not only yourself but also your family, and you must not, as is often said, be an eight-sided person.

Andrej Babiš

It is because of these screw-ups, which are not necessarily carefully thought out, that one is suspected of doing what one really thought was right. Nowadays, one only has to look at the current Prime Minister, Mr. Babish, to see that. However, I am not here to influence you all with my opinion, so I will just say that as an individual I do not like him at all. However, looking at the work side of things, he certainly does a lot of things right, but in my opinion he wouldn\’t have done that if he didn\’t have something to gain himself.

Anyway, as you have already seen in this case, people are toxic, and in many cases it is simply because they are jealous of the wealthy. Unfortunately, this is a very sad fact and, in my opinion, is becoming an increasingly common and somehow permanent trait in our society. And we must take into account here the fact that if we have a less possessive mindset, everyone can live better.
kreslená skica soudu

Of course, there are loopholes in the current law. This is mainly due to the fact that laws are often made by laymen, who often do not fully understand the technicalities. In relation to our Prime Minister, two legal principles need to be mentioned that may prove useful in the future.

Therefore, it is important to know that the accused will be considered innocent throughout the proceedings unless proven otherwise. More important, however, is the fact that the principle is used, especially at trial, that in cases of doubt, the court should rule in favor of the accused. So, while the aforementioned gentleman\’s case probably resulted that way because of these principles, I myself believe that there is something else behind it, perhaps due to his position or his past.