Better people

We encounter these situations every day today. Indeed, nothing is easier than convincing someone, for reasons that are not entirely obvious, that he deserves more consideration than others, that he deserves a bigger salary, a wife with bigger tits, or a richer, handsomer man. So it is actually normal that a certain percentage of people think that way, or that almost everyone thinks that way. What I find unusual, however, is that there is a homogeneous group of people in the Czech Republic who think that way and reinforce it. After decades of democratic development, you would think that this would not be possible, but what a surprise!

Je to šéf

Let\’s imagine two children. Pepi and Anna. Anna\’s father works in the building department and her mother is a teacher. Pepiček is a little worse off: his father works in an auto parts factory and his mother is an unemployed janitor. They are both slightly above average in intelligence, but Anichka is a little better in her studies, while Pepicek is more independent and curious. While Anichka starts high school in the sixth grade, Pepicek goes on to train as a cook after completing the eighth grade. Whereas Anichka graduates from high school smoothly with average grades and is admitted smoothly to a college of journalism thanks to a preparatory course paid for by her parents, Pepicek is beaten down by puberty, does not enjoy cooking, shows no interest in the boring teachers at the industrial school, and mainly hangs around and gets B grades. Anichka is still studying and travels with her parents\’ money on holidays. Pepicek has already started his first job. As a newly graduated cook, he is paid no more than minimum wage, and he also works in a factory as a belt weaver. With the little he earns, he is finally able to rent an apartment and leave his parents. With no opportunity to realize himself, he drowns himself in alcohol and before long finds himself with a family and debts of his own. 10]With his ears pricked, Anichka finally graduates. At first she is unable to find a job that suits her, but thanks to her parents she is able to rent an apartment and eventually lands the editing job she had hoped for.
Důležití lidé

A superior person, although on average wealthier than others, is not known by their wealth, but rather by a different mentality, carefully cultivated. They must have the right opinion and the right attitude. Because if you work with your hands, you automatically joinothers . On the other hand, one must not say this out loud and must have a college degree. If Anichka has a conflict of opinionwith suchpeople, she consistently ignores them, as she was taught by her parents and her school. 22]Othersare not here to argue, but to fix her washing machine or her car, or otherwise to serve her and teach her the right way. They are here to be taught. If someone had told Ann that what she was writing in the newspaper was actually about people she didn\’t know, and that the last time she was on equal footing with those people was when she was a child, she probably would not have known what she was about to say.