Apartment too small? No problem!

Have you just moved into a small (almost hobbit) apartment and are wondering where to put your stuff and how to use the space efficiently? Today we bring you some effective hints and tips for “blowing up” such a small space.
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Storage Furniture
Don\’t have space to store your winter boots or board games? Today, this is no longer a problem. There are many pieces of furniture with storage space. A typical example is a sofa, but shelves under coffee tables can also be put to good use.
Folding furniture
Folding furniture can also save a lot of space. For example, this is where folding beds and folding tables come into play. These pieces of furniture are often more expensive than “regular” ones, but you can\’t go wrong with paying extra. Believe me, you\’ll be glad you did.
The Magic of Color
It is a well-known fact that white (and other light colors) make a room visually larger. Therefore, dark shades should be avoided. Furthermore, light colors appear elegant. When combined together, the effect is even greater.
Maximizing Space
In a small apartment, one rule of thumb is to maximize all space. So don\’t leave walls empty. The best option is to order all the furniture custom-made and have it built to the ceiling. It may not look like it, but you will have lots of extra space to store things.
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If the house has narrow hallways (or rooms) and no windows on top of that, the space absolutely needs lots of good quality lighting. At least this way, the space can be visually expanded.
No money?
If you don\’t have money, don\’t despair. You are not completely without funds, but even low-cost renovations can produce beautiful effects. A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper can always be done. Have ugly floors? At least put up new linoleum. You can even playfully upgrade the seating with new upholstery. You can repair bathroom tile with special tile “wallpaper.”