Fear of politics

Politics is what people really discuss about a lot. I have to admit that I\’ve had a lot of fights about politics. But it was not intentional. Of course, some people deliberately argue for the sake of politics, but they enjoy it and find it really interesting. I don\’t know about you, but I don\’t think politics is interesting at all. I think it\’s really sad sometimes that politics isn\’t as perfect and gorgeous as politicians themselves think.

Někdo má rád politiku kvůli cestování.

I told myself that if I had been in politics, I probably wouldn\’t have been there for a long time. When I see people talking about politics in the pub or swearing about politics, I\’m going to want to cry, and I think if I\’m in politics I absolutely have to leave.I myself would really hate being somewhere and someone slandered me just because I\’m a politician or I\’m embedded in some political party. When I was buying a house and took a loan for it, they asked me if I was somewhere in the political party or if I was involved there.

Někdo se díky politice podívá všude.

I said no, it\’s true of course, but on the other hand, I absolutely don\’t understand why everyone is interested. If I have a political tendency. I think this is so strange. I think it is a question for everyone whether they are interested in politics, politicians, or political parties. And in my opinion, all people also need to pay attention mainly to know what and how to do. I think a lot of people don\’t even know how to talk about politics or even how to act in politics, because it\’s enough to make a small mistake or something wrong in politics, and soon the whole world will know it. I would like to do this so that the whole world knows about you, like your problem or something. And that\’s why I would certainly not, and I would not be involved in television or politics at all.