Politics Is Not Perfect

We have all never experienced a political situation where we are in a position to praise it. For various reasons, there were always a lot of people complaining about it. And the difference is only the fact that today everyone can swear to her anytime, anywhere, but in the totalitarian past, she was scolded only somewhere in a background that could not be heard mainly by ear, which was not intended to prevent.

But it\’s probably the same everywhere in the world. Again, in some places it is allowed to speak openly, while in others people express their opinions only very carefully and privately.

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There are always people who are not happy with the political situation or at least some political solution. It is and must be. Because each of us is different, we always expect something different from politics. And even if a politician makes the most compromised decision, it will always satisfy someone and hurt someone. It will not please anyone and will hurt everyone.

And we have the right to choose in a democratic society to expect political decisions to be made as much as possible for our benefit. We each have only a slightly significant vote, which in itself does not solve anything in the election, but when enough votes are gathered, it can affect a lot of people, so it\’s up to us to decide whether we want to contribute a little to the factory in the election or not.

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But I\’m not here to stir for participation in the election. When people are away from them, they also vote. They choose not to support anyone and leave the decision to others. And the only drawback here is that such a person can not complain about what happens. He may have tried to influence it, but he didn\’t, but we also have the right to do so in our democratic society. And we should accept and accept the results of democratic elections. I kdyšse námnelíbí, from chtlala to větinaina národa. máme v takovém píípad j jen právo pran provovat,doufat,že p pesvddčíme vttšinu i ppíštích voleb. Nebo se mřeme sebrat a odejít. Coê uê nám dnes také nikdo nezakazuje.