The Most Common Forms of Government on Earth

Each country has a specific system of government headed by a ruler or other group of “elected” persons, often politicians. Overall, there are currently only a few forms of government. You can see what they are by reading the following lines.

Monarchistické známky

Presidential Republic

As the name implies, a presidential republic revolves around a single decision maker with enormous power. That person is the president, who is either elected directly by the people or indirectly by the people\’s representatives (politicians). A classic example of a presidential republic is the United States, which currently has President Donald Trump. Other representatives include virtually all of South America and equatorial African countries. In Europe, Belarus, led by Alexander Lukashenko, is the only presidential republic


Semi-presidential republics

in which the president is an important representative of the state but whose powers are already more “hampered”. Traditional leaders include, for example, Russia and France, where the president\’s role has strengthened over the years. Outside of these countries, semi-presidential republican forms can also be found in Ukraine and North Africa.

Parliamentary republic

A political form typical of Central and Southern Europe. The president is the head of state, but his functions are primarily representative. The most important powers of the president are the “veto power” and the “pardon power”. In a parliamentary republic, the most important position is that of the government, which is composed of elected members of parliament.
Sousoší prezidentů USA


As in a republic, there are three types of monarchy: constitutional monarchy, absolute monarchy, and the last in between. In an absolute monarchy, one monarch has essentially unlimited power, not unlike the role of the president in a presidential republic. The latter is typical of some states, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. Constitutional monarchies are typical of European monarchies such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and Spain. They are also found in Canada and other countries. In a constitutional monarchy, the role of the monarch is primarily representative.