You and Politics

When I mention the word politics. What do you think about it? I think most people think of the politics they see on TV. For example, the TV news. To be honest, I used to be the same way. And I probably still do. Because politics doesn\’t seem to be my forte. I mean, I\’m interested in it, I enjoy it, but I don\’t know much about it. So I wanted to be more informed. Because lately it\’s all about politics. So I thought my mom might know something about politics.

Politiku sleduji i online.

Because my father used to be involved in politics. He enjoyed it so much that he ran for mayor. And he was successful. He didn\’t win the year he wanted to, but later on. He didn\’t succeed until his third run. So I think Dad understands it pretty well. Anyway, be careful who you talk to about politics. There are many people who don\’t enjoy politics at all and find it a very boring subject. So I like to talk about politics with people who I think will enjoy it. Because it is quite normal to be very offended by politics. I used to be the same way.

Téma politika není perfektní.

And since then I have been very careful. There is nothing worse than insulting a great friend with a joke about politics. Politics is an interesting subject. That is why I recommend that you avoid this topic of politics altogether. Not only that. I have seen cases where best friends do not talk about politics with each other. It is also not uncommon to have family fights over politics. Not my example directly, but I have two in my family. I wanted to throw a big party, but those two don\’t want to go. I don\’t think those two will be talking politics for a long time.