Politics and opinions

And politics again. Sometimes I\’m not the only one who complains about politics. I think if it wasn\’t for politicians, there would be a lot of people that would work and maybe not discuss at all. I myself have heard many times how, for example, in a pub, some friends quarrel or quarrel, mainly because of politics. This is absolutely horrible. It bothers me a lot that people can argue with family and friends just for politics. This is absolutely horrible, and I do not like this.

Je lepší se v politice nehádat.

Why does everyone discuss politics with their families? Politics is everywhere. Politics is foreign, if you do not have someone in politics and you are not such a relative or something, of course I understand that you are dealing with politics, in this case you are also dealing with family politics at home. But if there is no one in politics, if there is no family in politics, if there is no friend or best friend, husband or wife, why do we need to deal with politics? Of course I take it if you have someone in politics and I think you can talk about politics at home really often when it\’s someone\’s job.

Bez politiků není politika.

Being a politician or something like that, then you and your family talk about politics, and there\’s nothing terrible about it, but we have no one in politics, and many members are still talking about politics. I wouldn\’t mind and it would seem normal to me, but it would bother me that maybe within 10 minutes or 20 minutes everyone would quarrel. And they quarrel mainly because of politics. Is this normal? Absolutely not, I said that if someone at home was going to talk politics, whether it was in another room or outside, I would not listen to the discussion, so it was just for politics. Politics is to help people, not to divide people into 2 camps. No more fights about politics at home!