How to Make a Birth Plan

In the last few weeks before the birth, you should have a checkup at a hospital of your choice, a hospital where you feel comfortable. If the birthing center is so inclined, the woman may be accompanied by a midwife to assist with the birth, to help prepare the mother mentally for the baby\’s arrival, and to help bring the baby into the world. Most birth mothers accompany their partners to the delivery room and give the staff a birth plan that was discussed and developed during the prior checkup. This should include a list of conditions and wishes regarding the birth that are unacceptable to the mother. If the birth proceeds without serious complications, the staff will consider the plan and attempt to fulfill the mother\’s wishes.
špinavý novorozenec
Birth plans usually include requests such as:
– respect for privacy and the presence of the partner during all examinations
– the use of birthing aids and the possibility of repositioning during delivery
– the umbilical cord tied and cut by the father or another person present
– bonding immediately after birth creation (bonding by placing the newborn on the mother\’s body; the baby is often attached to the breast; 13] – informing the mother about the birth process čas po porodu– prohibiting the presence of medical students
– refusal of prophylactic perineal injections, especially after practice using anibol (an aid to facilitate entry into the birth canal)
– the duration of hospitalization
– Accommodation in a large room with a partner during the hospitalization [18] – Mother\’s presence at all examinations of the baby [19] – Prohibition of breastfeeding the baby without the knowledge of the parents, etc.
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Finally, provide information regarding the mother\’s personal information, health insurance company, obstetrician, baby\’s name, and date of delivery with ultrasound.
Because birth plans include the mother\’s own wishes, they vary widely and there are no precise guidelines as to what content should be included. If the birth takes place as the birth mother wishes, it is a beautiful experience that the birth mother and her partner will remember for the rest of their lives.