Being a mother is not easy

Career and motherhood
Not all women want a career, but all women want a well-paying job. Unfortunately, especially in some cities and regions, it is still common for women to earn much less than men, despite their relatively hard work, and so far nothing seems likely to change. Once women have families, however, the problem becomes far greater. For most women, returning to work is a nightmare, as it becomes very difficult to find a job once the employer has a replacement or the woman\’s contract ends during her parental leave. Employers are not interested in women who are on parental leave on the grounds that they often stay home with sick children. Therefore, women typically spend several months looking for work after parental leave.

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Being a mother is not easy for many reasons. One of them is the way we are raised. The environment usually requires preaching and judging women. Breastfeeding is very problematic for many women. However, many women face pressure and criticism from others because they cannot breastfeed. How a woman dresses her baby, what she feeds her baby, what she can and cannot do when the baby reaches a certain age-all of these things are subject to people\’s harsh scrutiny. Some mothers have unfortunately experienced derogatory looks, sarcastic remarks, or even cyber bullying from those around them.

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Women drown in depression, affecting their personal lives and relationships with their children. If she cannot see that those around her are interfering in things that do not concern her, every woman must remember that it is her life and that every woman is doing what is best for her children. Never give in to criticism from others, be they loved ones or strangers. Always remember the sacrifices you have had to make for your children and never take them for granted.