It’s pure marketing

What does it mean? By its official definition, it is the correct identification of customer wants and needs and the fulfillment of those wants as precisely as possible. It is the activity of a rather complex business system with principles concerning marketing tools such as product, price, distribution, promotion, etc.
internetový marketing


are not just stand-alone products or services.
– They provide various characteristics (product features, quality, etc.)

Price – a monetary digitální marketingexpression of the value of a good
– Setting the right price so that customers are willing to pay and the seller earns a profit .

the way the product reaches the customer

promotion – the main

task is to create a positive image of the product among consumers [27].
– Marketing tools include.
Advertising [29].
Yes, the very same annoying ads inserted between your favorite movies. But that\’s not all! Advertising is, of course, paid for, and its purpose is nothing more than to sell a product. But there are some rules here. The main one, in my opinion, is ethics: ads must not harm competitors, invade privacy, lie, etc.

So what are the different types? Apart from the ones that most of us switch to or use for bathroom breaks,there are hidden onesthat are very difficult to find and have been banned in the Czech Republic since 2015.
digitální marketing
Product placement is a term used to describe the offering of a product in a TV show or movie.
Publicity [40]
more credible and better perceived by the public. What is it? The introduction of a product to the general public through information media. It is not paid advertising and is free of charge. However, for the sponsor, there is a risk that their product or service will be criticized.
Personal Selling [42].
Sometimes it is best to go to the market and buy from a small merchant who will give you a personal opinion, even if it is expensive. That can be heard just as well in larger stores.

It is best to go with the recommendation of someone you trust.