Saving is hard work, but it always pays off

There are plenty of people living hand-to-mouth, so to speak.
If you want to keep track of your spending, start a notebook where you write everything down honestly. Or you can use a spreadsheet on your computer.
Feel like you\’re overspending on certain items? Create a box to keep track.
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Later you will see what unnecessary items you are buying.
Use your card to pay. And since it doesn\’t hurt so much to spend virtual money, wield it. Your eyes go crazy only when you start checking your accounts at home and realize what a terrible thing you\’ve done with just one purchase.
That\’s why you should make a list and go out with cash, which should be no more than 500 CZK more than you plan to buy. By knowing how much you have on hand, you\’ll be able to stick strictly to paper (or your phone, or whatever) and know that your hands itching to scoop up more merchandise won\’t work.
You may be disappointed that you didn\’t get a garden parasol on sale, but when you get home, you\’ll realize that your year-old parasol is still working and you\’ll have no reason to replace it.
You go on a big shopping spree and your card is warm in your pocket. Keep a list!
Or when you need to buy one more expensive item at the DIY store. As you\’re slowly walking between the shelves, you remember that you want to buy new lighting for your kitchen. You look around the store and realize that there is a light you\’ve wanted for a long time.
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You open the box and look at the item, waving your hands slightly to express your excitement at finally buying it. You take it and leave, not even sure how you bought it. Oh no, there\’s a toilet seat. You\’ve been sitting on a cracked toilet seat for years, because you remember how itchy your skin got yesterday. Thanks to yesterday\’s measurements, you remember the dimensions you need to buy, so you pick the best one, preferably the most expensive one, and go to buy the desired item.
When it\’s time to pay the bill, the euphoria passes only when I enter my PIN to confirm payment.
At home, you explain that everything you brought is necessary. Finally, he chooses an expensive one because the “maze” that doesn\’t look good can be replaced, he doesn\’t have to worry about the toilet seat breaking and injuring him, and it will surely last a long time.
When you check your household account, you notice that you are in the negative again and start looking for which items you bought unnecessarily. Of course, your eyes spot the more expensive soap on the receipt, the “unnecessary wafers” for the kids, the dish detergent you could have gotten cheaper, and you are surprised that the items you chose on sale were expensive.
Set a goal for what you are saving for. You can put it in an envelope, or you can put it in your side account when you get paid. Be aware that just because you put it in an envelope at home doesn\’t mean you can take it out anytime and promise to put it back in after your next paycheck. Admit to yourself that it will not be back there. The amount you promised each month may be there, but the amount you borrowed remains missing. Once you put the money in, you will never put it back.
It is possible to save a lot with little income. Nothing phenomenal, but at least you don\’t have to take out a loan for Christmas presents.