Household wealth has increased 37.5% in 10 years

. Even though deposits in accounts are 772 billion kronor more than loans, not all households save and not all households save more than they borrow. According to an analysis conducted by the University of Economics and its experts for the Czech Banking Association, some families are in good standing and save a portion of their income in bank and savings accounts, while others are in debt and in some cases insolvent. [This paper also shows that households\’ debt burdens, i.e., outstanding consumer loans and mortgages relative to wages, salaries, and salaries, are growing. While this growth clearly illustrates that debt has helped stimulate economic growth in our country, it is clear from the available information that the room for further growth is slowly disappearing, and the slowing economic growth suggests this as well. Despite the fact that experts are predicting wage increases next year, the next few years are not promising, given the low unemployment rate. It is a well-known fact that loans are generally not made for one or two years, but for two years or more for consumer loans and 30 years for mortgages.

Of course, in many developed countries, household debt can be many times higher than that. However, the situation in the Czech Republic in general is different and therefore one cannot unequivocally assess this situation as a good thing for the Czech Republic. This is because one of the criteria for assessing the adequacy of this debt is also the economic maturity of the country.

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In conclusion, the overall wealth situation of Czech households shows that they are getting richer as a whole: in 2008, Czech households owned CZK 9.1 trillion in assets; by the end of the period covered, 2017 12.5 trillion CZK. Thus, household wealth increased by 37.5% over the 10-year period.

Another analysis shows that after 2008, i.e., after the financial crisis, households began to shift their financial resources to more conservative investment options, namely real estate, land, and valuables.