Irrigated gardens are the greatest ideal of this year’s heat

Drought has plagued the Czech Republic for several months. The fruit harvest this year is more than great, but we all somehow feel that the drought is enough, and now, if there is a little shower, but if you have a skillfully solved water capture, then the drought is not a problem at all. Of course, a household in a country that has its own 2 springs is more than “fine”, but such a house, for example, in the suburbs, is not so lucky. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to hold water. You can always buy such an accessory for the garden, but it is difficult to catch water.
bublinky ve vodě.jpg

1) Underground reservoirs
Underground reservoirs with water circulation buried in the ground, and water flows down every time it rains. The temperature in the country is constant and never exceeds 5 degrees Celsius, so it is absolutely ideal – so it does not happen that it warms up or that bacteria and cyanobacteria overgrow. Of course, the water stored in this way receives a certain impact from nature, but it is always suitable for watering, especially if the circulation of water has not stopped.

2) Hood and barrel
There is nothing easier than putting the barrel under the other side and waiting for it to fill up. You can easily have 1 barrel on both sides, and you will see that if it rains for a few days, you will soon have a little more water. Again, it is probably ineffective for drinking, but it is perfect for watering the garden on a hot day. You do not need to dig something or buy a special container, an ordinary barrel is enough.
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Lakes and lakes
Many gardens today also have small dug holes where water drains on rainy days. Absolutely ideal, because you can “disguise” your tank with flowers and some stylish accessories, some walls. And again to 3/1 of all good, it is probably not for drinking, but because you water the strawberries with it, they will bear fruit for you for many years.