Little kitten or adult cat?

To begin with, it is a good idea to determine the age of your cat. A small kitten, just a few months old, will be easy to teach to use the litter box. Like small children, cats are quick and easy to learn when they are young.Kreslená kočka u bedýnky.jpg
The younger the younger, the faster?
When you bring newborn kittens home from their mother, they are encountering new surroundings for the first time. They will become accustomed to your apartment and recognize the smell of everything. It is important to give your kitten a litter box with sand in it the first moment it arrives home. It should be the first thing your little pet gets used to. Don\’t be afraid to put the kitten in the box with the litter and leave it there for a while. Many kittens born in a home environment learn to go to the bathroom from their cat moms. That way it will be easier for you and the kitten will quickly figure out what the litter box is for.Ležící koťátko.jpg

Older companions require tact, tolerance, and above all, patience. An adult cat that has never been to the cat toilet must be introduced to it in a clever way. However, it depends largely on the cat\’s personality. At first, it may be suspicious of everything new it encounters in the house. It may not want to cooperate and may use every place in the apartment as a toilet except the litter box. Do not despair, be patient, and do not punish or yell at the cat. The cat does not yet know what the toilet is for. So they do not know what you are punishing them for and they will not learn. An important step is to follow these rules Every time the cat does its business anywhere but the toilet, always wipe everything down with a paper napkin and put it in the toilet with the litter. Place the cat in the litter box and have the cat associate the smell of the napkin with the litter and the toilet. Repeat this process many times, and when the cat finally finishes using the litter box, reward it positively.