How do I please her friends?

To have a perfect relationship with a beautiful, mature, and unique woman, you have to go through many trials and tribulations to make it work. You may not know it yet, but the first juror in your early relationship is her friends who can take you to the next level – meeting her parents.After all, all you need to gain their approval are the opinions and impressions that her best friend will take away and pass on to you. And you won\’t believe how much such an evaluation (of you) is worth.
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Tacit approval and blessing

It is understandable that your partner would want to brag about your smallness to the girls who are extremely important in her life. Take this not as a hindrance, but rather as a good sign that she believes in you and your relationship and wants to introduce you to the people she loves because she sees a future with you.
Nevertheless, it is good not to take this lightly. Even seeing you (from their loved ones) may hurt you and keep you from perfection.
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Advice and tips for dealing with nature:
1. don\’t try to be a superhero at all costs because the other person knows you are not a superhero!
2. they already know a little bit about you, so you don\’t have to brag about something that never happened, which is just an empty lie to score points.
3. your partner certainly speaks well of you, so it is appropriate to be who you are in front of her without annoying her.
4. don\’t think of yourself as an object of criticism or interest, but get to know your partner by noticing what is going on around you and asking anything that might bring you closer to them.
5. always tell the truth and be honest about your intentions with the other person\’s friend (partner). It is important for the other person to feel that you are comfortable with him or her.
Always try to be natural and not be someone who will impress the other person to the point of bringing them to their knees.After all, your partner chose you, not them. Act friendly and try to get to know the people who are part of the life of the woman you love.