When a child becomes a teenager…

Some children reach puberty at age 10, others a little later. Adolescents desire their own peace, play loud music, are brash, and have mood swings. They often cling to various idols. They are searching for themselves. They are unstable. Wears crazy creations, different colors, or hides himself in black clothing. Awkward parents, awkward schools, awkward grandparents. [The child grows, the body changes, hormones work. The young child becomes an adult. Children do not want to understand authority. Child does not want to be told what to do. The child wants to be independent. Yes, the child sees everything in black and white. He may get angry or protest. His room is messy. He puts clothes out of the closet on a chair. Yes, he does. He\’ll wear them again anyway. It\’s useless to put them in the closet.


He rolls his eyes when I say something. Oh, yeah. Kreidiek. Yeah, he\’s a good kid at school. Oh, again? You don\’t know me at all! ” He\’s insecure, he compares himself to others, girls compare his body to models and stuff. He hates getting up early and he hates responsibility. Obligations are something he doesn\’t enjoy. He is constantly at odds. And he hates making promises about something and not keeping them. Even if there are logical and understandable circumstances leading up to it. It\’s amazing what hormones can do.


So what? You have to understand your child, you were the same age. Remember? Set clear rules, praise and support him. Give him confidence. Talk to him if he wants to. Build a healthy self-esteem. Don\’t talk to him like he is a baby anymore. He is no longer a little kid. Don\’t be afraid of him because he is a teenager, tell yourself over and over again that you can do it, yes, you can do it together. Don\’t take your child\’s actions or words personally, give him clear rules and make time for yourself. Go to the movies, have a drink with friends, go for a run, work up a sweat at the gym, or swim in the pool.
I want you to work hard with strong nerves!