Children and Imagination

Reading to children? Children love fairy tales, and they love the pictures in books best. Even when the baby is in the tummy, the baby feels the mother. The baby feels everything. When the baby is born we have to talk to it a lot. Because the more we talk to the baby, the sooner the baby will recognize things and point to what you say. Because babies have imaginations and stories have a very pleasurable effect on them.


Children grow up with books and stories. Books grow with us throughout our lives. Children have rich imaginations, and various fairy tales evoke emotions in children. For example, about the Wicked Witch, a child will immediately ask his mother or father why witches are bad. Therefore, reading and fairy tales are of great interest to children, which is why they must finish the book to know why the witch was wicked. Because by reading books, children learn new experiences and become wiser. In this way, children gain different knowledge in life and grow up with books.


Children have their own ideas, which parents cannot understand. Books always end in good, but evil is no longer recognizable to the child. The child always and in all things thinks that everything always ends in good, so never teach this idea to a young child and do not argue with it. If you do, children will be completely discouraged and will not want to read any more books. When children become adults like you, they already know how it is and where the truth lies. Children should be read to at bedtime.