How to help an older child cope with the birth of a sibling

If you have an older child and find out that you are expecting a second child, do not wait to announce this fact to the older child. The worst thing that can happen is that the child is the last to know about new additions to the family. You can take your kids to the doctor for an ultrasound to see them and make them feel more real. Before the baby is born, get the baby involved in the preparation. Whatever will help you prepare the room, let the child choose bed linen, toys for the baby, etc. Definitely do not leave the child on the sidelines, but prepare him so that he does not feel pushed away even before the arrival of the baby
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Also prepare the baby for the fact that you are in the maternity ward and will not be at home for several days. Explain to him that the baby needs to stay for examination in the hospital and return together in a few days. In the meantime, the child can visit you with his grandparents or dad. Let the baby get acquainted with the baby in the maternity ward. Even during a visit, when you want to caress or bury the baby with the help of an adult, pay attention to the older child, tell him how he is doing at home, what is new in the kindergarten.
Before you go home, prepare a doll for your older brother and give it to him at home as a toy from the brother. If it is a doll, the baby can take care of the doll just as you take care of the baby. It is also important to involve your child in childcare. For example, he can swing in a stroller for a while, play with the baby on a blanket or show a toy… In every free moment, devote to the older child, talk, play games, go out as before the birth of the baby, and only now you will be a little more.
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If the child does not want to go to kindergarten temporarily, he simply wants to stay at home with you, try not to force him. You do not need to worry that he will bring some diseases from kindergarten, and in addition, make up for the problem when the child does not enjoy YOUTHE same applies to the nanny of grandparents, but if he does not want to leave you, do not insist.