Venice A City Full of Places to See

Venice is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. Every year, tens of millions of tourists from all over the world visit this city. It is best to visit the city early in the morning or later in the evening, when you may encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists on the streets. An interesting fact is that Venice straddles dozens of islands and the mainland; since 1987, Venice has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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The great thing about this place is that you will not encounter automobiles here. If you arrive by car, you must park on the mainland. To get around the city, one must use water transportation. The city center is connected by hundreds of pedestrian bridges. Water buses, called vaporetto, are suitable for getting around, and water cabs are also available. Of course, both of these require an additional fee . Of course, no visit to Venice would be complete without at least one gondola ride.
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The most visited place is probably St. Mark\’s Square(Piazza San Marco). Here you will find the Basilica di San Marco, where chamber music concerts are regularly held, the Palazzo Ducaleand the Torre dell\’Orologio clock tower, among other wonderful sights. From the square, you can walk to the famous Rialto Bridge . The largest building in Venice is the Campanile , which overlooks the entire city. The city\’s main thoroughfare is the Grand Canal, which runs through the entire city. This major artery connects the bus terminal, the train station, and the port with St. Mark\’s Square.
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[Another highlight is the Venetian Carnival, which attracts tens of thousands of people. If you are planning to bring your family and friends souvenirs from Venice, be sure to choose handmade products. Carnival masks, jewelry, and leather goods must not cause offence.