Fairytale-like environment

If you love Czech fairy tales and can\’t get enough of the breathtaking surroundings, then the castle in Ploskovice is definitely not to be missed. Proskovice Castle is a delight for many people, not only lovers of Baroque architecture. The castle is of unprecedented beauty, and what\’s more, it is located in a unique castle park.
dva lidé ťukající se sklenicemi vína na pikniku
Proskovice Park and Castle have been the setting for many fairy tales, including “The Prince and the Evening Star,” “The Queen of the Lakes,” and “The Devil\’s Bride. But it is not only fairy tale films beloved by young audiences that have been filmed at the castle. It has also been used many times as the setting for music videos. Among the most famous singers to have sung at the castle is the world-famous Celine Dion, who sang the romantic song “It\’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”
It is not surprising that the number of tourists visiting Ploskowice Castle continues to grow. Nature lovers will also find pleasure in taking a tour of the castle park with a professional botanist. The park is beautiful in all seasons. Majestic animals such as peacocks live freely in the Proskovice Castle Park, attracting many tourists. Therefore, there is a great possibility to bring home a bird feather that will remind you of this beautiful place for a long time.
dřevěná lavička v parku
The castle is therefore suitable for both tourists seeking information about the history of the place and for those who enjoy the beauty of nature. It is also possible to bring your own blanket to the park and have a picnic with your loved one. But if the weather is not suitable for a picnic, do not despair. There are beautiful cafes near the castle that can satisfy even the most demanding clientele. Do not hesitate to go and enjoy the beauty of North Bohemia. Many visitors come to Ploskowice because of its unparalleled atmosphere.