One step closer to the starry sky

Want to spend your free time a little more original than usual? If so, go somewhere you don\’t visit as often as your other favorite entertainment venues. It is not only children who are fascinated by the starry skies and the mysteries of the universe.

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Planetariums – Fun and Interest All in One

You will remember the planetarium you went to in school. Over time, not only the performance of planetariums has changed, but also the equipment and ultimately the experience they can provide.

In a way, it does not matter which planetarium you visit. In a way, it does not matter which planetarium you visit, because all planetariums are now state-of-the-art and can provide you with wonderful experiences and knowledge that you did not know before.

You can feel close to the starry sky, get a glimpse of the universe, and have the chance to look not only at the stars and constellations, but also at comets and the Milky Way through a special telescope.
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The planetarium is also open at night

. This is to provide all visitors with a more complete experience and further opportunities to observe the night sky. Those who do not wish to wait for dark in the summer should feel free to take advantage of the inclement winter weather and early darkness to visit this location and be entertained as well as seen.
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What can be seen and learned?

– The Solar System

– Understanding the Law of Gravity

– Various displays of planets and celestial bodies

– Weather station

– Observation deck

– Dome for viewing the night sky

– Special programs for groups as well as individuals There are also, experience a unique way to learn a lot of new knowledge, entertainment, and amazing information as well as enjoy using your free time. Bring your family and children as well as your partner or just your friends for a wonderful and fun evening.