Smartphone database of food allergens

Experts as well as laymenconsider the “Do you know what you are buying” android application quite successful.Many people would be delighted to have something like this on their smartphones. The app would check the ingredients of the food purchased and focus on the rather problematic elements. These are, of course, the various allergens and the so-called “ecks”. In principle, one can simply scan the barcode and in an instant know the exact composition and, of course, all allergens and allergen associations.
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The advantage of this useful program is that it is very easy to use. One might even call it primitive. When you open the application, you enter the product name into the database, but it is much faster, easier, and more accurate to scan the barcode. By pressing the small round button with the camera symbol, the viewfinder is pointed directly at the barcode, and the program determines the right moment and automatically reads the code. The camera then functions as a classic barcode reader. All that is needed is an Internet connection, which is easy if you are in a large shopping center where free Wi-Fi is available.
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Just connect to the Internet and you have full access to the database

Searching for products in the database is aided by hints, so in many cases you only need to enter the beginning of the product and a few preset options make the selection easy. e\’ s found are color-coded according to their level of danger. Green and yellow labels are of little danger, while red symbols require caution. It does not matter if you want to know more about the labels, as there is a complete database of labels that can be browsed in the program\’s side menu.
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The database also includes a variety of alternatives to controlled products that contain more appropriate ingredients, so you can decide whether to buy something else at the store instead The “Know What You\’re Buying” program has been polled by the Grocery rated as one of the most successful applications dealing with grocery sales.