Renaming Popular Apps

For today\’s younger generation in particular, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the basis for everything, which is completely incomprehensible to the older generation today. They remember that when they were younger, they spent as much time as possible outdoors, sometimes walking their dogs, and if they wanted to talk to someone or meet someone, they would go home and catch that person.
ikony sociálních sítí na tabletu
In contrast, today\’s teenagers think they don\’t have time to do anything, but if they turn off their cell phones and get outside, they might realize that life can be lived in ways other than online. But today, let\’s take a look at the world\’s most used social networking apps together.
Facebook is the oldest of these newer networks, founded in the United States in 2004. Since then, it has been constantly improved, updated, and simply refined. It is now a communication network available in 73 languages, which is really great news.
ruce koukající z telefonů
In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, and this social network that shares photos with almost the entire world is now part of FB; the same goes for the chat service WhatsApp, which was acquired two years later. The service is used for sharing videos and photos, sending messages, and making calls. Both of these applications are under the FB umbrella.
telefon s přihlášením na fb
Nothing happened for a long time, but now change is on the way. Surely it is not because the founders of the most famous social networks need to boost their self-esteem. However, in my opinion, I am of the opinion that Facebook acquired these apps to prevent competition in the online world. Not everyone agrees on what and why, but it is good to at least be prepared for what is to come.
So what will these apps be called and what will the implications be for users? All that will happen is that “from Facebook” will be added after the name of these networks. Thus, there will be no revolutionary change and they should be as usable as they are today.