Parents are role models

This is unfortunately the naked truth. When I was a child, I told myself a hundred times that I would never be like that, and now what I see in front of me is the image of someone close to me. 10]Parentsare the firstto influence their childrenthe most, because they will later reap what they have planted there. It is easy to pass on one\’s mistakes and errors to others. But acknowledging the truth and trying to make things right is not only a step forward, it is also a step toward proper education.
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Boundaries are important

We should not blame society, time, or friends for all our shortcomings. Unfortunately, we are behind many of our problems. We can set some boundaries on where we want our children to go, but we cannot protect them ourselves. So they go beyond the boundaries and try to see what it brings us. If nothing happens, why should we not go that way? If there is danger, after all, the parents must intervene; if they setboundaries, set limits and conditions for adhering to them, and even punish them if they don\’t, then they are primarilyresponsiblefor how the situation continues to develop. This is the mistake we most often make. Parents tell their children, “Don\’t watch cartoonsuntil you clean up your room,” and then turn on the TV themselves so they have time to do their own thing. How can a child know where the line is drawn? “37]
At this point, the parents themselves do not respect them. If children knew that our word is firm and constant, they would have no trouble meeting our demands.
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You are an authority to your children
You do not gain authority by punishing them more, by yelling at them, or, conversely, by always excusing and indulging them. But you can gain authority by keeping your word, even if it is not in your favor and you make hasty decisions. You must learn to be forthright with your children. Tell your children what you want them to do and why. You must learn to bring meaning to their lives. That is the proper foundation for life.
Children are definitely not toys, they are people who need your support and love.
Build relationships from the beginning, because that is the only way to make it work in the future.