Children in Kindergarten

Yes, kindergarten becomes a distant presence when parental leave begins. However, as children grow and develop, there comes a time when they begin to think about it. When your child turns three, it\’s time to make a decision. Whether or not to send your child to preschool. Yes or no? Most parents have no choice. Because they have to go to work. It is mainly for financial reasons. Because they will lose their child care benefits. Some mothers become pregnant again while on parental leave. In that case, a choice is made. Put the child in daycare or wait another year.

mateřská školka

Kindergarten will be mandatory for preschool-aged children. What is important for its admission? What must be mastered before entering kindergarten? Perhaps the most important aspect of kindergarten enrollment is the psychological well-being of the child. The child should not find the new group life in kindergarten stressful. They should look forward to kindergarten and not fear it. Each kindergarten has its own rules. Usually, the kindergarten will teach the rules in time. The child must know his or her first and last name. Also, they must be able to use the toilet by themselves. Next, they must be able to feed themselves.


And they should not ask for help with eating. They should also be able to drink from their own glass. Another important skill is to dress oneself. Another important skill is getting dressed by oneself, without help. They must also be able to take off and put on their shoes. Depending on the situation, the teacher may help them. But that should not be the rule. They must also wash their hands and wipe them with a towel. And to clean up after themselves the toys they have played with all day. It is also very important to be able to listen to the teacher\’s instructions. To respect and honor the teacher. No bad language, insults, or swearing will be tolerated. Also, under no circumstances should you bite or pull hair. The basic rules of good manners must be known. Children should be able to say hello, please and thank you. Another thing is that they should know how to express their feelings and desires. It is hard work, but don\’t hang your head. Eventually everything will fall into place.