Women in Science

The percentage of women in scientific work in our country is still small compared to Europe. There are still fewer female scientists in the Czech Republic than male Read More

To Get closer

and to get closer to the Internet than the ability to see anytime and anywhere brings us closer, so-called social networks have also seen the light of the Read More


Eco-bags are environmentally friendly and thanks to their production are made from recyclable materials. What is impressive is that despite the fact that it can be folded into Read More

Me too!

may have also seen articles and reports in the media about campaignsagainst sexual harassment and abuse of men as well as women. Even if it is on a Read More

Make original candles

Candles emit a different light from what we are used to from electric chandeliers and lamps. With its help, you can easily conjure an unforgettable atmosphere.  With its Read More

Better people

We encounter these situations every day today. Indeed, nothing is easier than convincing someone, for reasons that are not entirely obvious, that he deserves more consideration than others, Read More