beautiful literature

Do you think culture is also for people to form different groups or communities of people interested in the same culture? For example, I belong to a book club. To be honest, I love reading books so much that I can no longer imagine a life without reading a little bit of a book every day. I mainly read books and sometimes magazines. I read mainly books and sometimes magazines, because books have a story and take time to read. If I have free time, I can read a 500-page book in two days, for example. I get completely absorbed in it. I get so immersed in the story that I never want to put the book down, and every weekend I put the book down until my eyes hurt.

Knihy čtu každý den.

When I\’m not at work, out with friends, or cleaning house, all I read is books. I\’m a really big fan of that, and I think a lot of people prefer to read at home instead of going to fun places. I think that\’s part of our culture in a way. We humans have culture to be entertained, and we do cultural things for fun because we need to. We don\’t do culture to be bored, or to do something necessary, or to force ourselves to do something. This is absolutely not the case.

Literatura je mému srdci nejblíže.

Many people seek culture just for fun and to meet others. Or they may get together with friends to hang out. Someone might also like concerts. Yes, this is also culture, but I am not a big fan of concerts and music. Sometimes I listen to music at home. Yes, that\’s normal, and so are movies. But if I had to name one thing that is closest to my heart, it would be books. I like literature very much, and I went to school for literature, but the closest to my heart is mainly British and Czech literature, which I enjoy very much and am proud to have studied.