Inside the computer

Yes, in essence, it is the skeleton of a box with several plates. The main one, sometimes called the motherboard, is the heart of the machine – the processor and some others. But the expert immediately recognizes the approximate age of the processor by looking at it, and when he looks around him, he can identify the age of this board even more densely. If the machine is passed to the repair shop, it is better to immediately put the computer straight into the scrap, or where it makes sense to repair This is due to the old age, because the computer components rush at a crazy pace, some components are 1 week after sale. It is now obsolete. Technicians need to know whether such parts are still manufactured and whether there is a hope to find them everywhere.  

vnitřek PC

Like the processor, there is also ahard disk. Do not take the expression too seriously. He is firmly attached to the skeleton of the computer, but not very solid in it. They rotate at about the same high-speed “pancakes” as dvds and CDs. There are many of them and among them vibrate small hangers that perform ultra-fast write or read data. And because it\’s a lot of problems, the disk has a hanger what rotates and what vibrates.

vnitřek disku

Do not look for this component on a new computer, it is no longer used. Now comes a hard drive, which is really solid. They are similar to USB sticks, there is nothing to rotate anywhere, there is no hanger, writing and reading are performed in a different form. These hard drives are more impact resistant or much faster. They are not in every computer, they are only in a small capacity. Today, these discs are usually purchased separately and worn in pockets, etc. Then it just connects to the machine, and the person constantly has his data at hand. Therefore, the benefits are not obvious. Of course, there are a lot of other things in the computer, such asRAM memory. The more it is, the better the computer works. And there is no more place for other components. But there is too much.