Computer Addiction

The computer is something that no one can already imagine life without it. After all, there are already so many professions where computers are used. Imagine how much more difficult work would be if there were no computers. Without computers, everything would be more complicated and difficult, and it would be hard to do the job without computers. If computers did not exist and there were no computers, people might know how to do their jobs without computers. They would know how to write everything down and be cool. But now that everything is written down and registered on the computer in this way, people may have become rather lazy. With computers, everything is simple and easy. It\’s fast. With computers, everything is simple.

Počítač je můj denní chléb.

I know it saves a lot of time and allows more time for family and hobbies, but computers make people lazy. And they get fat. They used to move more because there was nothing else to do. No one did the work for them. They had to write everything themselves, by hand, and they couldn\’t rely on computers. With computers, life would really be easier.

Počítač používám denně.

And it\’s actually fun. It\’s easy to have fun on the computer, but it\’s also easy to become addicted. All you have to do is go to the computer every day and play as many games as you enjoy. You\’ll be addicted to the computer in no time. That\’s no fun. Computer addiction is quite serious and there is already treatment for it. I might be a computer addict too. I don\’t know for sure, but I watch movies on the computer every day. I have a habit of watching my favorite shows before I go to bed, and I probably wouldn\’t be able to sleep without them. I can\’t sleep without TV shows. I am addicted to the computer. I mean, I was working in a bank at the time, and I was on the computer every day. So it\’s not interesting. They say computers are good servants, but also bad masters. I totally agree with that and I think a lot of people would agree with me. Addiction is bad and it doesn\’t matter what you are addicted to. But to be without a computer all the time? I can\’t. I wouldn\’t be able to stand it either, and it would be hard to get used to life without a computer.