Design Gadgets for the Whole House and Apartment

Little things

Do you have an eye for detail? Door knobs, rugs, wall decor. Plants. Kitchen drawer and cabinet handles, drawer frames . Lots of chandeliers and lamps. An old tape recorder or a piece of furniture that belonged to your grandparents can do wonders. Take a look in the attic. Sometimes all you need to do is clean and display an old Indian vase, hang a worthless gramophone record on the wall, or make an old lamp usable.
edison žárovky

Industrial StyleUse Edison bulbs and sawhorses instead of bookshelves, allow bricks, and use lots of metal and sheet metal everywhere. There is an air of a factory. High ceilings, crumbling partitions. The surroundings of these dwellings are almost bleak, and it would be futile to try to make them cozy. The choice of white and gray colors for walls and furniture emphasizes the coldness. Such interiors are not very cheerful and are more suited to single men than to families with children.


This style busts real estate myths. It removes everything superfluous and deliberately directs and focuses attention only on the essence of things and activities. Simplify and simplify. Streamline everything. Basic Form. Minimal decoration, minimal furnishings, minimal everything. This style is most prevalent in Japan. If you don\’t like things on the shelves to be dusty and you like to keep your home clean all the time, this is the kind of home you will have.
domečky na poličce

Cottage style

You can find touches of countryside and wilderness in modern apartments and especially in houses. Why? Because it is cozy. You can feel a part of nature and the countryside without even leaving the house. In apartments, retro things like old tape recorders, sideboards, and stork necks are used. In the family house, heavy tables, lots of wood and leather dominate. It is as if there is a forest in the house. The kitchen has a huge stove. Hunters also display stuffed trophies. The icing on the cake is a wool blanket, a funny book, and a cup of tea by the crackling fire. You\’ll love it.