Home Oasis, When Flowers Aren’t Enough

When it comes to interior design, there are no limits to imagination these days. The latest trends definitely include creating a jungle-like concept in the home. A jungle does not mean chaos, but a composition of various natural elements. The reason is mundane. Nature recharges our batteries and evokes harmony. And the more souvenirs we bring back from nature, the better for us.
Dekorativní kamínky
Of course, the following advice will not be appreciated by those who can hardly decorate their living rooms and bedrooms with flowers, but many people now bring more “accessories” from the forest than from fake stores. Moreover, the great advantage is that everything is available for free in the forests, meadows, and rock towns, with endless variations available. Each season brings new possibilities and opportunities for change. You don\’t have to be an artist to look great with colorful leaf paintings on your walls in the fall. In spring, a sprig of cherry blossoms. How simple it is! Over time, the room will naturally change and inspire your creativity. Another recommendation is water. Fill any container with water and arrange pebbles, trees, and twigs to create your own miniature nature pond at your bedside! Light candles and the light will reflect off the surface of the water. This type of environment is also good enough for aquarium fish species, making your miniatures perfect.
You can literally turn the room where you spend most of your time into your own power plant, recharging you with beneficial energy on a daily basis. It doesn\’t replace being in nature, it just minimally harnesses the power of nature in your own home. Speaking of energy, try the power of crystals. Crystals are beautiful and naturally complement a wide variety of stones, but each has its own unique, slightly exaggerated, but often magical powers. Some purify, others recharge, and so on. The best known are quartz, agate, and amethyst. Unfortunately, you won\’t find these precious stones on health walks anymore, but it is certainly worth adding their magic to your decor. Create a meditation corner. A candlelit grotto of stones and twigs.
Lístky rostlin
And we have already mentioned the candle flame once here, but we come to the romance, which is perhaps the greatest value-add for many. Indeed, natural elements can evoke a truly unique atmosphere, especially when combined with scented sticks.
Those who are already accustomed to beautifying their homes with the bounty of nature know that every trip, every journey, is recorded and embedded in the form of a souvenir.
In conclusion, we must remember that the search for certain “living” accessories should never be at the expense of the life of trees and plants.