Hay fever: effective home remedies for congestion and watery eyes

Many people go to the pharmacy to buy hay fever medicine. However, there are effective home remedies that relieve symptoms without the use of harmful chemicals and antibiotics. In this article, we present some effective home remedies for hay fever.
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Steam baths, a traditional home remedy for hay fever

Steam baths are especially effective when hay fever symptoms are severe. Steam baths moisten and cleanse the nasal mucosa and reduce itching.
● For a steam bath, simply boil water and add 1-2 teaspoons of salt.
●Then remove the pot from the stove and inhale the steam for 10 minutes.
● Instead of salt, some steam baths use oil or tea. Eucalyptus, fennel, and peppermint oils are particularly suitable.
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Homemade nasal sprays for hay fever

Many patients use nasal sprays for hay fever. However, nasal sprays sold in drugstores contain many chemicals that can cause side effects. It is better to rely on homemade nasal sprays, a traditional home remedy. To make homemade nasal drops, boil 9 grams of salt in a liter of water and let it cool. It is easy if you have a spray bottle.

Safflower, an essential herb for hay fever

is perhaps one of the most important home remedies for hay fever. This herb has a soothing effect on inflamed eyes. [1 tablespoon of the herb is boiled with 250 ml of water for 5-10 minutes. [Then filter the herb and allow it to cool.
● This solution can be used as a nasal wash or eye mask.
●For an eye mask, put the broth on a cloth and place it over the eyes. Itching and burning of the eyes will subside.

Apple cider vinegar, a proven home remedy

Apple cider vinegar is truly a panacea because it reduces the inflammatory response in the body. This hay fever remedy can also be used as a long-term preventative for cold symptoms.
● Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink once a day. To make it easier to drink, it is recommended to add honey. Honey also has a calming effect.
● If hay fever symptoms are particularly severe, apple cider vinegar may be drunk three times a day.

Teas for hay fever symptoms

Hay fever can particularly irritate the nose and eyes, but it is also common to scratch your throat uncomfortably. Here are some proven home remedies and teas. [Sage, a mixture of yarrow, thistle, and nettle are good teas.
● St. John\’s wort, thuja, cornflower, and lemon balm also relieve hay fever.

Hygiene measures against hay fever

People with hay fever should also pay special attention to cleanliness. This may sound paradoxical. After all, it is believed that excessive hygiene may be the cause of allergies in the first place. However, during hay fever season, it is useful to take special precautions to prevent pollen from entering the room.
Wash your hands and face to remove pollen as soon as you get home. Many pollens can also adhere to clothing and hair. Change your clothes immediately. It is also effective to clean your living room regularly.