Make original candles

Candles emit a different light from what we are used to from electric chandeliers and lamps. With its help, you can easily conjure an unforgettable atmosphere.  With its help, it can enhance the atmosphere of a romantic dinner, bath or making love. Today, anyone can make candles. If you want to start making candles at home, you need to study something from a book or the Internet so that the result is as expected.
Paraffin or gel or natural.
mystická svíčka
Solid candles are made from a mixture of solid wax. In the manufacture of gels, gels are used, and in both cases dyes can be used. If you are not a fan of synthetics, you can make them from beeswax. It is available in the simplest version in the form of pancakes, where you insert a wick and then roll like a pancake.

Do not add work
When making candles, it is inevitable that the wax will fall here and there or the dye will fall off.Think about it in advance and prepare your work area well. If you need to warm the wax, use a dedicated pan and mixer for this purpose.This can turn into an old spoon.
srdce ze svíček
Manufacturers think of everything
Depending on the type of candle being manufactured, you will need a wick, wax, dye, fragrance and mold for fixing the wick. You can conveniently purchase a ready-made package, which includes everything that is often needed during production, along with instructions.

The world Does not collapse
Learning makes a master, so don\’t panic the first time it doesn\’t work as you want. Sometimes there is nothing left except to arm yourself with patience and try again and again.

Safety Precautions
When using hot wax, be sure to keep it out of reach of young children. And of course, it is not out of the question to remind you that lit candles should never be burned unattended. In particular, gel candles, decorated with dried flowers and other flammable things, can be easily lit.