Door-to-door sales in the village

Peddlersregard the village as a highly desirable territory.
This has been true since time immemorial. Indeed, the people of the village are prime customers. Access to the city is difficult, and not everyone prefers to go to the city to visit shopping parks. For example, the elderly often do not have their own cars and rely on the local jednota.


Very often these days, door-to-door salespeople offer energy rather than products. rybyGas, electricity, and various companies are literally fighting an uncompromising battle, and peddlers are the foot soldiers on the front lines. They are extremely annoying, sticking their foot in the door, lying to get their way, and making you show them documents that violate data protection laws. Not infrequently they push gas into homes that only have electricity, but unfortunately this is a sad exception.
There is no doubt that for many people in the past, door-to-door sales were the only way to earn a living, a life that was by no means affluent. Today, the question arises as to whether peddlers have the need to do so.


Peddling is forbidden

Thanks to the documentary film “The Scoundrels,”door-to-door sales have been banned.Too many gullible people have fallen prey to the arrogance of overly assertive and persistent salesmen. But,no doubt, decent salesmen who behaved decently and did not impose anything on anyonealso paid a price.

So has the tradition of doing business in the village ended? Wouldn\’t it be a shame if this alternative method of selling disappeared altogether? Certainly there is no reason for this method of selling to become completely obsolete,but it need not take the form of door-to-door sales . Sellers could rent a stall in a local store or a room in city hall for a fee, and there would be no need to invade people\’s privacy. Communication may also take place at substantially different levels.


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