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This book was written by the author Petra Dvořáková. The main character is a surgeon who is not just a life, a MUDr. He tries to let bygones be bygones, because it is his past that led him to a small border hospital. The story is very humorous and above all realistic. There are themes of money, alcohol, infidelity, love, fighting, hate, and happiness and joy. It is written in such a simple and humorous way that one can finish reading it in one breath. Mrs. Dvoraková further writes: I am hungry, I am a net, I am a village…
čtoucí žena


Hana was admired and praised by many! A gem written by writer Alena Mohnstadtjenover. You may be familiar with her other works,Blind Map, Silent Years, and Hothouse. The author deals mainly with the period of the world wars, the concentration camps, and the psychology of the people who lived in those times. She is able to relate to the story as if she herself really lived through those times. While Hana is wonderful, it is also very sad and possibly depressing. The title of the book will tell you that the main character is Hana.

Sister and Sister

This novel is almost psychological. Ms. Magda Ványová does an excellent job of describing the relationship between two sisters who are in a relationship with the same man. And as you may have guessed, the man was not just any man, but a scoundrel who burned them both. I don\’t want to give everything away, so I won\’t write more. This piece takes place over several years. Other works by author Dvoraková include“When the Bird is Caught,” “Tereza,” and “The Trap.”
starobylá knihovna


Here we are led into the extraordinary but heartbreaking story of a former prisoner. Helena tries to find a job and a place to live, to recover from 12 long years in prison, and maybe even meet a man. The book is very simplified and, at only about 140 pages, can be finished in a day or two. It was written by screenwriter Lucy Konecna and is her only book.