Educating Children

Every woman longs to be a mother. For each of us, a baby is the most beautiful gift on earth. How many times have we praised ourselves in front of others and admired the actions and behavior of our little ones? How is it possible that such a small, sweet creature could grow up to be disrespectful, despite our attempts to give it the best and instill in it our principles?
plačící dítě

If you look back in time and watch the movies of memoirs, you may not miss the fact that children used to scold their parents. They had incredible respect for their parents, and one glance was enough to let everyone know who was the master of the place and the head of the family. Parents were very strict in raising their children, guiding them toward discipline, education, and respect for society. Of course, the general fear of faith and shame had a great influence. What would neighbors and neighbors say if they saw a child with bad manners? What has changed, yes, things have changed a lot in less than 100 years.
It is common today for children to look down on their teachers and parents. Who is to blame? What was wrong with them? Why do little bad boys grow up to be delinquents who are afraid of everything?
It is easy to say that times have changed. But in general, we can say that parents are responsible. Parents nurture their children\’s behavior, are responsible for it, and are their children\’s calling cards.
Follow the basic rules and you will win.
It requires
curing. Set up a system at home from an early age. Your children will get a little restless now and then, but at least they will have some time to themselves from time to time, which will prove to be to your advantage. 28]Set rules that everyone agrees on. Here, both parents must abide by them and cooperate with each other. The child will quickly sense that one parent is more benevolent and will begin to exploit this. Leisure activities entertain the child and allow the child to control how and with whom he spends his free time. The biggest risk may be friends. Keep track of who the children are spending time with. Check with friends to see if they are sleeping over. Stay in touch with the school. Class meetings are not so frequent that you cannot attend.
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[In general, common sense and steady nerves are needed. At least in the teenage years, it is necessary, for children practice with them.