Most Popular Attractions in France

Travel to the north of the 544,000 square kilometer country to see monuments and cities worth visiting.
The Eiffel Tower
In Paris, there are many attractions like the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a Parisian landmark built on the anniversary of the great French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower offers a panoramic view of the Paris suburbs and is a romantic spot for couples.
Eiffelova věž za řekou
Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Built by Napoleon Bonaparte to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Austerlitz. There is a museum inside and an observation deck on the roof of the arch. Every year, riders of the Tour de France pass through here.
Louvre Museum
The most visited museum in the world, the Louvre is located in the Louvre Palace. The Louvre is also known as the Old Royal Palace on the Seine.
A city in western France, but with a chateau and park of the same name. The buildings are on UNESCO\’s World Heritage List. The Hall of Mirrors is the widest hall in the palace. It is a symbol of the French monarchy.
Musée d\’Orsay
Located along the Seine River in Paris, this museum specializes in European art from 1848 to 1914. The original building was used as a railroad station. In its current incarnation, the museum houses a collection of Impressionist paintings by Vincent van Gogh and others. However, in addition to paintings, the museum also has sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, and photography.
Jardin du Luxembourg
Also located along the Seine, Jardin du Luxembourg is a public park in Paris, the park of the Luxembourg Palace, which has been the residence of the President of the French Senate since 1825. Formerly, this palatial residence was owned by the Luxembourg family.
Versailles se zahradou
Notre Dame Cathedral
The Gothic cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in French architecture. It is best known for Victor Hugo\’s work “The Abbey of the Virgin Mary in Paris”. The facade is decorated with statues and buttressed arches. It also has famous bells, the largest of which, Emmanuel, weighs 13 tons. However, it suffered a fire and much of the interior, including the organ, was rebuilt.
This historical building, reminiscent of similar buildings in Rome, is a landmark of the city on the hill of San Genovefa. Underground are the catacombs where the bodies of Victor Hugo and Jacques Rousseau are buried.
There are many other monuments and historical towns in France, but it is impossible to introduce them all in one article. For this reason, we have tried to introduce some that should be on your list when traveling in France.