How to Save Money by Storing Food Properly in the Fridge

Create a system for storing things in the fridge. Know which food items are where. To do this, you can organize your refrigerator so that different types of food are always in the same place. Refrigerators are also designed for this purpose with regard to temperature.
The upper shelves of a refrigerator are cooler than the lower shelves. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust where food is stored.7] bílá lednice
The top shelf is best used for fast food, i.e., cooked food that should be eaten as soon as possible. For example, pre-cooked lunches for the next day\’s work, various sauces, soups, desserts, and snacks for parties and guests, such as sandwiches and nuggets.
The center of the refrigerator is suitable for storing dairy products, cold cuts, and cheese. Butter and margarine can also be stored here.
The bottom of the refrigerator holds mostly vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, and lettuce. Fruits do not fit in the refrigerator. Above the bottom box are shelves suitable for storing meat and fish. To avoid unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, meat and fish should always be stored in airtight containers or food foil.
The door is the hottest part of the refrigerator. Beverages, milk, empty cans, jams, etc. should be placed here. Eggs and butter should be softened for lubrication.
It is also a good idea not to overfill the refrigerator. Allow air to flow between foods to prevent spoilage. If food stays fresh longer, does not spoil prematurely, and is used up in time, it will save your wallet. On the other hand, if the refrigerator is empty, it uses a lot of energy to create the set temperature, which is also not a good idea.
Frost on the sides of the refrigerator and on the food will increase energy consumption. If the refrigerator is not equipped with an automatic defrost function, it must be defrosted manually using hot water and vinegar.
Never put hot food in the refrigerator; always allow it to cool properly before putting it in.
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The position of the refrigerator in the room is also important. It affects energy consumption. If a refrigerator is placed too close to a wall, there is no space for the heat inside to escape and energy consumption will increase. There needs to be enough space around the refrigerator. Placing it in front of a window or next to a fireplace or stove is not a good idea.
If you focus on following the above advice, you will save on energy consumption. You can also avoid throwing spoiled food in the trash.